Ecocity Waste Reduction Winners!

25th November 2016
ACC 2409

The TechKnow team are delighted to have won the Waste Reduction Award in the Aberdeen Ecocity awards 2016.  The TechKnow project is a collaboration involving Aberdeen City Council, Enscape, Re-Tek UK Ltd, CFINE and Instant Neighbour.  We are also very pleased to welcome the Montgomery Development Education Centre as recent collaborators in the project.

The Award Ceremony for the Aberdeen Ecocity Awards 2016 celebrated the achievements of the individuals, organisations and projects put forward for this year's awards. Winners were awarded for the following categories: 

  • Fairtrade EcoCity Award
  • Waste Reduction EcoCity Award
  • Sustainable Travel EcoCity Award
  • Clean-Up Champions
  • Growing Smarter (Individual) Award
  • Growing Smarter (Junior) Award
  • Growing Smarter (Organisation) Award
  • Judges EcoCity Award
  • Overall EcoCity Award Winner

Note: Photo shows Donna Wood and Brian Menzies at the award ceremony, on behalf of the TechKnow team.